Ecomax G404 Compact Glasswasher

Clean, sparkling glassware is essential for you to be able to deliver consistently great experiences for your customers. The Ecomax range of compact glasswashers delivers reliable, highly efficient and effective results, even within tight footprints – offering ultimate peace of mind.

About The Ecomax G404 Compact Glasswasher

Ecomax G404

This machine features electronic controls with digital temperature indication for easy operation. Capable of 60 racks per hour, this is an efficient and easy to use Compact Glasswasher, perfect for smaller establishments.

  • Electronic control for cycles and water consumption
  • Thermostop function for guaranteed temperatures
  • Self flushing programme to maintain hygiene within the machine
  • Option with inbuilt water softener available
  • Incl. connection cable, supply and drain hose for immediate operation

Technical Details


Compact glasswasher, electronic controls, 390 x 390mm rack.


435 x 534 x 700mm

Cycle Times

90 - 120

Max Racks
Per Hour



2.1kW 230/50/1 FUSED AT: 1 x 13amps
5.8kW 400/50/3 FUSED AT: 3 x 16amps
3.9kW 230/50/1 FUSED AT: 1 x 25amps

The Ecomax G404 Versus The Ecomax Plus G403/S

The Ecomax G404

Racks Per Hour...


Water Consumption Per Cycle...

2 Litres

Water Tank Capacity...

10 Litres

The Ecomax Plus G403/S

Racks Per Hour...


Water Consumption Per Cycle...

2.5 Litres

Water Tank Capacity...

8 Litres

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About Ecomax

Created in 2003, and offered exclusively to our distribution partners, the Ecomax Brand has built a reputation synonymous with quality and reliability at the right price point. The new five-strong Ecomax Plus range adds serious weight to the offer, resulting in a clearly defined two-tier range, with a machine perfect for the requirements of every site.

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