Ecomax Plus G515/SW Glasswasher

Our research indicates that 94% of customers would be put off going to an outlet again if confronted with dirty glassware. Ecomax glasswashers make it quick, simple and cost effective to deliver a high quality finish, every time.

About The Ecomax Plus G515/SW Glasswasher

Ecomax Plus G515/SW

This cost effective Glasswasher is the ideal option for small to medium catering operations. It is capable of up to 60 racks per hour and has a programme time of 60, 120 & 180 seconds, making it a fast performance machine with great results.

  • Optional integral water softener
  • Counterbalanced double skinned door
  • Deep drawn compact wash tank
  • Self flushing cycle
  • Class A air gap and rinse pump
  • Tank strainer, coarse filter and pump intake protection

Technical Details

Device Code Product Description Dimensions (WxDxH) Cycle Times (secs) Max Racks Per Hour Electric kW/Fused
G515SW-10C Glasswasher, electronic controls, 500 x 500mm rack. 600 x 600 x 825mm 60, 120, 180 60 230/50/1 (Voltage 1P)
25A/5.5kW (Factory Setting)
Switchable to:
13A/2.7kW/(Voltage 1P)
16A/7.5kW/(Voltage 3P)
G515-10C Glasswasher, electronic controls, 500 x 500mm rack. 600 x 600 x 825mm 60, 120, 180 60 400/50/3 (Voltage 3P)
16A/7.5kW/ (Factory Setting)
Switchable to:
13A/2.7kW/(Voltage 1P)
25A/5.5kW/(Voltage 1P)

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About Ecomax

Launched in 2003, the Ecomax brand has built a reputation synonymous with quality and reliability at the right price point. Now featuring both warewashing and cooking equipment, Ecomax, which is sold exclusively through our dealer partners, gives operators the chance to access high quality equipment at a lower price point.

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