Rack Conveyors

The Ecomax Plus rack conveyors are truly outstanding in their field, delivering ease of use and low running costs. Designed for higher volume operations, the machines ensure a gleaming finish without fail.

Ecomax Plus Range

Ecomax Plus C815A

Ecomax Plus C815A

  • Ideally suited to higher volume operations
  • Large wash capacity – wash up to 120 racks per hour (2,160 plates)
  • Compact design – just 1350mm in length

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Ecomax Plus C815EA

Ecomax Plus C815EA

  • Effective pre-wash feature for optimal wash results
  • Large wash capacity – wash up to 150 racks per hour (2,700 plates)
  • Ideally suited to higher volume operations

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Rack Conveyors
Ecomax Rack Conveyors

Why Choose Ecomax

Robust & Reliable

With renowned German engineering you can rest assured that the Ecomax range is built to last.

Simple To Use

Ecomax boasts intuitive machine design, making the warewashers easy and stress-free to use and clean.

Easy To Clean

Automatic rinse down when drained - quick and easy to clean and maintain.


Pure efficiency at value for money prices, the Ecomax product range is designed specifically with small and medium caterers in mind.

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About Ecomax

Launched in 2003, the Ecomax brand has built a reputation synonymous with quality and reliability at the right price point. Now featuring both warewashing and cooking equipment, Ecomax, which is sold exclusively through our dealer partners, gives operators the chance to access high quality equipment at a lower price point.

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