Ecomax F504W/SW Undercounter Dishwasher

A range of high performance commercial dishwashers, designed to deliver consistently clean results. With controls to ensure easy operation, and additional features to guarantee economical usage and quieter operation, the Ecomax range of undercounter dishwashers delivers consistent, sparkling results.

About The Ecomax F504W/SW Undercounter Dishwasher

Ecomax F504W/SW

With its ability to wash up to 60 racks per hour and with a cycle time of 60 & 150 seconds, this is a powerful dishwasher that gives great results – perfect for front or back of house use.

  • Electronic control with digital temperature indication for easy operation
  • Thermostop function for guaranteed temperatures
  • Self flushing programme to maintain hygiene within the machine
  • Option with inbuilt water softener available
  • Incl. connection cable, supply and drain hose for immediate operation

Technical Details


Front loading dishwasher, electronic controls, 500 x 500mm rack.


576 x 604 x 820mm

Cycle Times

60 & 150

Max Racks
Per Hour



4.1kW 230/50/1 FUSED AT: 1 x 25amps.
5.9kW 400/50/3 FUSED AT: 3 x16amps
2.2kW 230/50/1 FUSED AT: 1 x13 amps

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About Ecomax

Launched in 2003, the Ecomax brand has built a reputation synonymous with quality and reliability at the right price point. Now featuring both warewashing and cooking equipment, Ecomax, which is sold exclusively through our dealer partners, gives operators the chance to access high quality equipment at a lower price point.

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