Ecomax Plus F503/S Undercounter Dishwasher

A range of high performance commercial dishwashers, designed to deliver consistently clean results. With controls to ensure easy operation, and additional features to guarantee economical usage and quieter operation, the Ecomax range of undercounter dishwashers delivers consistent, sparkling results.

About The Ecomax Plus F503/S Undercounter Dishwasher

Ecomax Plus F503/S

This user friendly single-button control undercounter dishwasher, is the ideal choice for busy small to medium catering operations. Easy to use, this dishwasher can run up to 40 racks per hour and has a programme time of 90 – 180 seconds – one of our most popular undercounter dishwasher.

  • Optional integral water softener
  • Counterbalanced double skinned door
  • Deep drawn compact wash tank
  • Self flushing cycle
  • Class A air gap and rinse pump
  • Tank strainer, coarse filter and pump intake protection

Technical Details


Front Loading dishwasher, electronic controls, 500 x 500mm rack.


600 x 600 x 825mm

Cycle Times

90 - 180

Max Racks
Per Hour



230/50/1 (Voltage 1P)
25A/5.5kW (Factory Setting)
Switchable to:
13A/2.7kW/(Voltage 1P)
16A/7.5kW/(Voltage 3P)

The Ecomax Plus F503/S Versus The Ecomax F502/S

The Ecomax Plus F503/S

Racks Per Hour...


Water Consumption Per Cycle...

2.5 Litres

Water Tank Capacity...

10.6 Litres

The Ecomax F504

Racks Per Hour...


Water Consumption Per Cycle...

2.3 Litres

Water Tank Capacity...

25 Litres

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About Ecomax

Created in 2003, and offered exclusively to our distribution partners, the Ecomax Brand has built a reputation synonymous with quality and reliability at the right price point. The new five-strong Ecomax Plus range adds serious weight to the offer, resulting in a clearly defined two-tier range, with a machine perfect for the requirements of every site.

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