The Ecomax range of cooking equipment has been designed to offer a high-performance solution, creating a functional working environment in any kitchen.

About Ecomax Hobs

Ecomax Hobs

A wide range of gas and electric hobs with 2, 4 or 6 burners, plus solid top and induction hobs are avaialable for you to choose from. Hobs are supplied fixed to an open cupboard base and door kits are available to create a closed cupboard.*

*Induction not compatible with cupboard door

Gas Hobs

  • Protected pilot flame
  • Cast iron removable burners with self-stabilizing flame
  • High power: Flex Burner of 7kW
  • 60% certified efficiency
  • Horizontal flame: uniform heat distribution, also ideal for delicate cooking
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to an adjustable power range, to satisfy every need
  • New individual cast iron pan support
  • Rounded corners
  • Watertight pressed worktop

Electric Hobs

  • Fast-heating hot plates with safety device to prevent overheating
  • Fixed watertight cast iron plates
  • Powered by 1.5kW and 2.6kW heating elements
  • Optimise power control
  • Indicator lights show when each hotplate is in operation
  • Rounded corners and a moulded recess traps liquid and prevents overflowing

Technical Data

Device Variants

Device Code Description Power Dimensions (WxDxH)
HEFB74AXL 2 Burner Hob (2 x 7kW) on Open Cupboard GAS
400 x 730 x 850
HEFB77AXL 4 Burner Hob ( 4 x 7kW) on Open Cupboard GAS
700 x 730 x 850
HETPG77A Solid Top Hob on Open Cupboard GAS
700 x 730 x 850
HEIN74A 2 Plate Induction Hob on Open Cupboard (2 x 3.5kW) ELECTRIC
7.0kW 400/50/3
400 x 730 x 850
HEIN77A 4 Zone Induction Hob on Open Cupboard (4 x 3.5kW) ELECTRIC
14.0kW 400/50/3
700 x 730 x 850
HEPR74A 2 Plate Round Hob on Open Cupboard (1 x 1.5kW & 1 x 2.6kW) ELECTRIC
4.1kW 400/50/3
400 x 730 x 850
HEPR77A 4 Plate Round Hob on Open Cupboard (2 x 2.6kW, 2 x 1.5kW) ELECTRIC
8.2kW 400/50/3
700 x 730 x 850
HETPE77A 4 Zone Solid Top on Open Cupboard (4 x 2.25kW) ELECTRIC
9.0kW 400/50/3
700 x 730 x 850


Device Code Description
A777118 Door Kit 400mm
A777119 Door Kit 700mm
S Drain Kit for 2 Burner Models
S2 Drain Kit for 4 Burner Models
S3 Drain Kit for 6 Burner Models
AE Electric Ignition Option (230V/1N/50-60 Hz)

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About Ecomax

Launched in 2003, the Ecomax brand has built a reputation synonymous with quality and reliability at the right price point. Now featuring both warewashing and cooking equipment, Ecomax, which is sold exclusively through our dealer partners, gives operators the chance to access high quality equipment at a lower price point.

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